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What is the Meaning of Scholarship Status?

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What is the Meaning of Scholarship Status? The word “scholarship status” is one that candidates frequently run into while applying for scholarships. In order to monitor the status of their applications and predict the outcome of their submissions, applicants must understand what the word “scholarship status” means.

This content intends to investigate the idea of scholarly status, illuminating its importance and the many phases connected with it.

What is the Meaning of Scholarship Status?

What is the Meaning of Scholarship Status?

The many phases of the selection process, such as “Application Received,” “Application Under Review,” “Shortlisted or Selected,” “Not Selected or Rejected,” and “Awarded,” give information about the applicant’s position at each stage.

Different Scholarship Application Status

The different application statuses include the following.

Received an application

The “Application Received” status normally signifies that the applicant’s submission has been received by the scholarship sponsor. It means that the request has been received and is being taken into consideration.

The status of their application and any future needs, such as interviews or document verification, may now be followed up on by candidates.

Application Being Examined

The phrase “Application Under Review” indicates that the scholarship giver is currently reviewing the submitted application. The applicant’s eligibility, academic success, extracurricular activities, essays, reference letters, and other pertinent elements are all thoroughly evaluated at this stage.

Depending on the scholarship program and the volume of applicants, the screening procedure might take a variety of different periods of time.

Selected or shortlisted

When a scholarship applicant’s status changes to “Shortlisted” or “Selected,” it means they have been chosen from a smaller pool of applicants to be evaluated for the scholarship. This phase frequently entails further examinations, such interviews, more paperwork, or supplemental exams.

To be shortlisted or chosen shows that the candidate has shown high potential and satisfies the preliminary requirements established by the scholarship giver.

Rejected or Not Selected

Rejected or Not Selected

When an applicant’s scholarship status changes to “Not Selected” or “Rejected,” it indicates that they were not selected for the award.

Although this result may be disheartening, it’s important to keep in mind that scholarships are extremely competitive, and many other things go into the decision-making process. Don’t let rejection depress you; instead, use it to strengthen your next application by asking the scholarship giver for their thoughts.


The “Awarded” status signifies that the candidate has been chosen to receive the award. This level is a great accomplishment since it shows that the candidate has fulfilled all the criteria and distinguished themselves from the competitors.

The scholarship sponsor will contact applicants who earn the “Awarded” status in the future regarding accepting the award, any terms or requirements attached to it, and the release of monies.


In order to control their expectations, track the status of their applications, and analyze the results of their submissions, candidates must understand what the significance of their scholarship status means.  Regardless of the result, it is crucial for candidates to maintain patience, diligence, and toughness.

Every status update is a chance for development and learning, therefore even if a candidate is not awarded a scholarship, they shouldn’t let that discourage them from looking for other possibilities or getting input to improve their future applications.

In the end, the process of applying for scholarships is a worthwhile experience that enables people to highlight their skills, accomplishments, and goals while pursuing academic and professional growth.

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