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Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities for Nigerian Students

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Any country’s growth and success depend on its citizens having access to high-quality education, and scholarships are essential for giving students the chance to pursue their academic goals. Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities for Nigerian Students programs have become a source of hope for innumerable students in Nigeria, where the cost of school can make it difficult to pursue a degree.

These programs provide doors to a world of options and possibilities besides offering financial aid. We shall look at a few of the scholarship options accessible to students in Nigeria in this post.

Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities for Nigerian Students

Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities for Nigerian Students

Scholarships not only lessen the cost of school, but they also open doors to more varied options. They provide Nigerian students the chance to acquire important knowledge, abilities, and experiences that can advance both their own personal development and the development of the country.

Scholarships also encourage cross-border cooperation and expose students to other cultures and viewpoints.

Federal Government Scholarships

The Nigerian government provides several scholarship programs to help its residents pursue their educational goals. The Federal Government Scholarship Scheme (FSB) is one of the most well-known initiatives. With the help of this effort, students can pursue undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees both domestically and abroad.

Science, technology, engineering, medicine, agriculture, and the arts are just a few of the many fields that the FSB covers. Additionally, there are particular scholarship programs for students from poor backgrounds and those with impairments.

Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF)

The purpose of the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) scholarship program is to increase human capacity in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry.

It provides scholarships for Nigerian students to pursue undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees at various educational levels. Tuition fees, stipends, and other relevant costs are covered by the program. Additionally, PTDF academics have access to research funds and chances for overseas and domestic industrial training.

Shell Nigeria University Scholarship

Shell Nigeria University Scholarship

Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) provides scholarships to undergraduate Nigerian students enrolled in certain engineering and scientific programs at recognized Nigerian institutions.

The extremely competitive Shell Nigeria University Scholarship pays students tuition, books, and a stipend for the duration of the study. Additionally, this scholarship’s recipients get experience through internships and career mentoring.

MTN Foundation Scholarship

The MTN Foundation Scholarship is an effort by MTN Nigeria to practice corporate social responsibility. High-achieving Nigerian students who are pursuing undergraduate degrees in a variety of disciplines of study are given financial help through this program. Throughout the academic year, the scholarship pays students living expenses, book stipends, and tuition. Scholars from the MTN Foundation can also participate in mentorship programs and workshops for professional development.

NNPC/Total Scholarship

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (TEPNG) work together to provide undergraduate students in Nigeria studying engineering, geology, geosciences, and related subjects with scholarships.

The mission of the NNPC/Total Scholarship program is to support academic achievement and the growth of Nigeria’s oil and gas sector. It includes housing costs, tuition, and a hefty stipend.

Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) in the United Kingdom administers the famous Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships, which are available to students from throughout the world.

These scholarships are available to Nigerian students who wish to study for master’s and doctorate degrees in a variety of fields at UK institutions. The program pays for all essential allowances, including living expenses, travel expenses, and tuition fees.

These are just a handful of the various scholarships that are offered to students in Nigeria. It is important to remember that each scholarship program has unique prerequisites, guidelines for applying, and deadlines. Future scholarship candidates should conduct an extensive study and meticulously adhere to the instructions given by the scholarship sponsors.


In conclusion, there are several scholarship options available to Nigerian students, ranging from government-funded efforts to business projects and overseas scholarships. Regardless of their financial circumstances, these scholarships enable students to achieve their academic goals and offer crucial support.

By funding scholarships for education, we are investing in Nigeria’s future and raising a generation of educated, competent, and capable people who can make a constructive contribution to society.

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