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BDKNICE Not Paying Again? What to do

BDKNICE is a scheme that came on board about two months ago and pretends to be trading on BDK parfums in Paris. Over a million Nigerian citizens have invested on this platform, and many have massively benefited from it, according to their testimony. over the months these Organizations has comes up with different schemes which they profess its a means of makin money. some of their Schemes with diverse of names just to make people invest on it.


BDK is a company Based in Paris, France, this premium fragrance company is French. Many upscale perfume houses are based in Paris, which is famous for having a long history in the field.
Many different facets of French culture and art serve as inspiration for BDK Parfums’ creative and distinctive perfumes. David Benedek, a fan of scent with experience in high fashion and luxury items, founded BDK Parfums. The company launched in 2016, making it one of the more recent entrants in the fragrance market.

BDK Parfums provides a variety of scents to suit various olfactory preferences. They have scents in their collection that are both gender-specific and unisex, each having a unique personality and backstory. Some scents may be influenced by particular settings, occasions, or feelings, making each one a distinctive olfactory experience.

BDK Parfums places a high value on aesthetics and packaging. To produce visually appealing packaging that complements the artistic concept behind each fragrance, the brand frequently works with artists and designers.

Suddenly in 2023 BDKNICE show up in Nigeria processing to be the same BDK company in Paris and get many Nigerians attentions, i can boldly say to you that BDKnice is impersonating the Original BDK company in Paris and they are no legit company. If you are lucky enough to have benefited from this scheme you should be grateful to God because they are a PONZI SCHEME.


What is a Ponzi Scheme?

The term “Ponzi scheme” refers to a particular sort of investment fraud in which rewards are given to earlier investors using the funds of later investors rather than from genuine profits made by the operation of a legitimate business. The fraud deceives victims into thinking that the earnings are generated by honest business operations while in fact they are sustained by a steady stream of new investments.


  1. Promise of High Returns: The con artist makes abnormally high return guarantees, frequently far higher than what can be obtained from reputable investments.
  2. Initial Investors Paid: The scam draws initial investors because they get the large profits that were promised. Usually, these payments are made to provide the appearance that there is a lucrative investment opportunity.
  3. Attracting New Clients: In order to draw in more investors, the con artist leverages the success stories of the original investors. The promise of large returns attracts new investors.
  4. Paying Returns: Rather than being supported by any genuine company activity, the returns that are provided to the early investors are actually funded by the contributions of new participants.
  5. Unsustainable: As the program expands, it gets harder to attract enough new investors to cover the profits to the original members. At this point, the plan fails.
  6. Failure: When a plan fails, most investors understand that they have lost money because the promised returns were never realistically achievable.

Considering the following attributes we will discover that is what BDKnice entails, they are typically a good Ponzi scheme that took time to plan their scheme


The answer to this question is basically YES. the have come to the end of their scheme, currently they are professing every member to pay the sum of forty thousand naira to verify their account. if you know what is good for you kindly use your money to eat and catch fun and neglect their dubious means of scamming you that amount of money. the scheme is a failed scheme already kindly ignore them and their dubious scheme.


It can be quite difficult to get your money back from a Ponzi scheme, and frequently victims don’t get all of their money back. However, you can take the following actions to try and make up some of your losses:

Contact Law enforcement : Reporting the Ponzi scheme to your local law enforcement agency and, if necessary, federal authorities is the first step. Authorities may look into and penalize those who engage in Ponzi scams because they are against the law.
Get legal counsel: Speak with a lawyer who focuses on financial fraud or other white-collar crimes. They can aid you in pursuing legal action against the offenders by assisting you in understanding your legal choices.

Speak with Regulatory Agencies and File a Complaint: Inform the appropriate regulatory organizations, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States, about the Ponzi scam. They might conduct an investigation and pursue legal action against individuals responsible.

Examine Civil Litigation: Speak with your lawyer to discuss the potential for bringing a civil lawsuit to recoup your losses. This can entail bringing legal action against the Ponzi scheme’s perpetrators. This, however, can be tricky and may not always result in a full recovery.

Above all, beer it in mind that it will only takes miracle from God to be able to get back your money from any Ponzi scheme. learn from your mistakes, realize the point to which you have fallen and educate others not to make the same mistake.

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