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University of Uyo ( Uniuyo Java Project); Laboratory work 1

UNIUYO Java Project 1

  1. Create a new project with a name LabWork_1
  2. Change the class name to Project_1
  3. Write the codes to print the size of primitive datatypes in java on the console

Solution (1 and 2)

  1. Open NetBeans IDE.
  2. Go to the “File” menu and select “New Project…”
  3. In the “New Project” dialog, choose the “Java” category and “Java Application” project type, then click “Next”.
  4. Enter “LabWork_1” as the Project Name, choose the project location, and click “Finish”.
  5. In the Projects window, expand the “LabWork_1” project folder, then expand the “Source Packages” folder.
  6. Right-click on “LabWork_1” and select “property” from the dialog box; rename it “Project_1”

Solution (3)


java project 1

UNIUYO Java Project 2

  1. Within the LabWork_1 project, create a new java class Project_2. Note, the new java class may not have a main method. you are to include the main method
  2. Declare any six variables as integer, String, floating-point, character, Boolean and double respectively.
  3. Assign Arbitrary value to them, and print them using printf() function.


Uniuyo java project project 2


uniuyo java project 2

UNIUYO Java Project 3

  1. Create a new java class Project_3, type and run the code segment below

public class Project_3


double side_a =20;

double side_b =27.45;

int side_c = 10;

public static main(String[] args)


double s=(side_a + side_b + side_c)/2;

duble ScaleneArea =Math.sqrt(s*(s-side_a)*(s-side_b)*(s-side_c));

System.out.printf(“%.3d is the area of the scalene triangle\n”, ScaleneArea);”



2. Briefly state your observation

3. Debug the program to run without error, then copy your code and the output in the box below



  1. Missing access specifier for the main method. It should be public static void main(String[] args).
  2. The variables side_a, side_b, and side_c are declared outside of main method, but they are being accessed from the main method, which is a static method. To access these variables from a static method, they should also be declared as static. Or they should be declared inside the main method.
  3. The printf statement has incorrect formatting for the output. It should be “%.3f is the area of the scalene triangle\n”.

Both of the codes above will work; either you declare the variables as static or you declare them inside the main method.


project 3 output

UNIUYO Java Project 4

  1. Write a java program to prompt a user to type in his/her student’s registration number, name, year of birth, department, test score and exam score
  2. Display the registration number, name, age, department, and total score in a tabular form.


UNIUYO Java Project 5

Write a java code to implement the following models; hence determine the value of model_1, model_2, model_3 and model_4.

question 5


Model_1 return NaN as output because the negative value of v makes the value inside the square root negative, which is an imaginary number. the code below takes care of it.


Project 5

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